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                                                  AutoFoam with a dyeing and finishing...

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                                                  Britain is the birthplace of the modern textile industry. On 22~26 June 2010, at the 2010 China International Textile Machinery Exhibition and the ITMA Asia Exhibition (ITMA ASIA+CITME 2010), the AutoFoam company from the UK will carry the three major dyeing and finishing tools - the AutoFoam foam dyeing and finishing system, the AutoChroma textile printing and regulating system, and the Cowie & Riding continuous agitator to the visitor exhibition. It shows "proven" energy saving and environmental protection dyeing and finishing technology.
                                                  The concept of AutoFoam foam finishing originated from the European and American energy crisis in the 70s of last century, and the AutoFoam foam dyeing and finishing system was applied to actual production, in the 80s of last century. Up to now, AutoFoam foam finishing has become an important technology of dyeing and finishing, which is energy saving, environmental protection and consumption reducing. AutoFoam foam dyeing and finishing system can complete functional finishing of water repellent, oil repellent, hydrophilic, soft, flame-retardant, anti crease, shrinkproof, antiseptic, anti odor and so on. In terms of dyeing, AutoFoam foam dyeing and finishing system has been applied to the dyeing of knitted fabrics besides applied to denim.
                                                  The basic processing process of the AutoFoam foam dyeing and finishing system is to first foam the working liquid according to the selected foam, and then apply the foam applicator to the fabric. This is a textile dyeing and finishing method which is different from the rolling and coating methods. AutoFoam foam dyeing and finishing system controls the two sides of fabric processing by controlling the penetration distance of the working fluid in the processed fabric. For example, one side waterproof and one side hydrophilic single suction single suction fabric can also be processed with one side waterproofing and flame retardant. Even double dial and single suction processing can be done, that is, both sides are waterproofing, while the fabric can absorb water in the middle, and it can also dye the two sides of the fabric with different colors. It is impossible for the dipping method to do it at all. At the same time, AutoFoam foam dyeing and finishing is completely different from coating finishing. Usually, coating is finished, chemicals only form "membrane" on the surface of fabric, and rarely penetrate into the fiber. The AutoFoam dyeing and finishing system applies the foam - like working liquid to the fabric. After breaking the foam, the working fluid is quickly penetrated into the fiber, and the washability and hand feel of the fabric are better.
                                                  As a key part of AutoFoam foam dyeing and finishing system, AutoFoam Cowie's Riding continuous mixer is very important. Compared to other mixed mixers, Cowie & Riding unique double turntable design can provide better particle size mixing effect, the quality of mixing is stable, and the reproducibility is high. Cowie & Riding provides a solid work guarantee for improving the quality of products, rapid production starting, reducing material consumption, saving cost and reducing pollution and so on. It provides a solid work guarantee for the AutoFoam foam dyeing and finishing system.
                                                  The AutoChroma textile printing and pulp mixing system, one of the three AutoFoam tools, is produced in the UK. With years of experience in the field of textile and titrating technology, AutoChroma aims to provide a complete solution for the textile printing industry from preparation of paste, color to titration.
                                                  Whether it is AutoFoam foam dyeing and finishing system which is listed in the first batch of advanced technology recommended by China Association for printing and dyeing industry, or the first AutoChroma textile printing and regulating system which has been made in China for the first time, it can be said that the AutoFoam company participating in the dyeing and finishing equipment should be energy saving and emission reduction and low carbon environmental protection.
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