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                                                  Huntsman launched a new environmental...

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                                                  At the Tenth China International Dyestuff Industry Exhibition in Shanghai not long ago, Huntsman textile dyeing and dyeing, guided by the theme of "deep innovation", displayed its latest innovative products and technology for sustainable development, reflecting the world's leading position in the three major processes of pre processing, printing and dyeing and finishing.
                                                  Mr. Huntsman, Paul Hulme, President of textile dyeing and finishing at the media conference, said: "the industry attaches great importance to the importance of sustainable development. Today, we bring new solutions to the market that can replace existing technologies, and serve as an important basis for promoting industrial development and environmental protection. In the eyes of Paul Hulme, this is not only a social responsibility for an enterprise, but also a development opportunity. To prove Huntsman's efforts and achievements in the development of green chemicals, Mr. Paul Hulme, for example, used to say that dark dark colors were generally believed to be unable to be achieved through non metallic dyes, so the industry used black dyes containing chromium as a carcinogen, and Huntsman was introduced to wool in July 2009. The chrome free dye LANASOL Blacks series can produce the same or even deeper black tonal with chrome dyes. This is only a simple and sufficient dyeing process, which greatly reduces the technological process. It is not only more environmentally friendly, but also more economical than chrome dyes.
                                                  It is understood that Huntsman, another innovative product representative, was developed on the basis of innovative enzyme based on the technology introduced by Jack. The new peroxide bleaching system requires that the bleaching temperature of the fabric is only 65 C, neutral pH range, thus greatly reducing the treatment and rinsing temperature, energy consumption and water consumption can be reduced by 40%.
                                                  In addition, in order to support its expansion to the Asian market, Huntsman Corp also set up research and development bases in Panyu and Mumbai, India. Huntsman's annual expenditure on research and development accounts for 5% of the sales revenue, especially in the past two and a half years. Most of the R & D funds are focused on the development of green technology and products.
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