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                                                  Yancheng Dongwu Chemical Co., Ltd.Suzhou Melgian New Material Co., Ltd. is the leading manufacturer of cationic dyestuff over the world. Her annual output is about 9,000MT, which covers over half of the world's total. The majority of her sales is in international market, hence she is the typical representative of the Export-oriented Economy in Jiangsu area. Dongwu has finished on constructing a new manufacturing base in Yancheng area, which will greatly enhance her supplying capacity to the market.
                                                  It took Dongwu only ten years to become the leader of the cationic dyestuff industry from an unknown small workshop, and till now dongwu already has provided service to her buyers over 20 years. The founder's painstaking effort resulted in the resplendent Dongwu Brand. Company leadership lays all the energy on the manufacturing and management, but also lays emphasis on the marketing. Every year dongwu receives and meets hundreds of visitors from all over the world.
                                                  The strict Quality-Management-System and the endless developing & researching attitude is the core of the Dongwu Culture Dongwu always believes that any substandard dyestuff entering the market, means the betrayal to the customers and will cause irretrievable serious damage to Dongwu reputation. To control the dyestuff quality more effectively, Dongwu passed ISO9001 International Quality Management System Certification in 1999. From its foundation, Dongwu has developed many new products every year.
                                                  Recently Dongwu successfully developed new series of Acrylanol Dyestuff for Wool / Acrylic& Cotton / Acrylic blends dyeing, and already got the relevant patent from the authority for both the dyestuff & the dyeing methods.
                                                  To be noted is that Dongwu does not give up environment Protection responsibility to seek profit only. Currently she has 2 waste-treatment-centers, which is updated and advanced in China. And early in 2001 she successfully passed ISO14001 Environment Management System Certification, which is her devotion to the local people.
                                                  Dongwu will endlessly develop new products, enhance the quality and serve the customers all over the world, on basis of BEST QUALITY, BEST PRICE & BEST SERVICE, as is her everlasting principles.
                                                  Office address: No. 26, Ying Hu Road, Wang Ting Town, Xiangcheng District, Suzhou.
                                                  Sales line: 0512-65583242